Garlic Roaster Baker Electric, Microwave, Ceramic, Terra Cotta

Garlic Roaster Bakers Electric Bakers, Terracotta Oven or Microwave

When a cook roasts garlic it brings out the flavor and creates a soft paste texture for spreading on bread, crackers or other food, it maybe added to recipes or mixed int with mashed potatoes, to make your own garlic butter recipe or blended with a soft cheese. Roasting garlic isn’t hard and baking a bulb is easier with a garlic roaster piece of bakeware. A garlic baker or roaster is usually made out of terracotta, or a stoneware ceramic dish. A few are made of silicone and microwave safe. Some are even small electric appliances that sit on a countertop. Just set a whole garlic bulb inside the roaster, drizzle a little bit of oil over the bulb and turn on an electric roaster or if it is a oven cookware baking dish, put it inside a hot oven Traditional garlic roasters are made in two pieces, the first being a pan base with a domed lid cover. These are classically made of ceramic, terra cotta or pottery. To roast garlic in a pottery stoneware or ceramic roaster, first cut the top off of the garlic bulb. Set it upright in the pan, drizzle your olive oil over the top. You have the option of sprinkling it with a pinch of salt. Cover the garlic baker with the lid, and place the whole baking dish in an oven. Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 40 minutes. Electric garlic roasters are a new small kitchen appliance for easy cooking. Although garlic has traditionally been cooked in a covered dish using an oven, electric garlic roasters are small, countertop baking dishes that a cook or chef can set a bulb of garlic inside, still adding a touch of olive oil. Simply turn the roaster on and the cooking is done automatically. Most units shut themselves off after an assigned amount of time to make sure the garlic doesn’t get burned. If roasting garlic, do not break up the bulb into single cloves. Just cut around 1/2 inch off of the top of the bulb. Buy garlic roasters in terracotta, stoneware or silicone. Electric kitchen appliances, conventional oven or microwave oven safe.