Garlic Press Types Stainless Steel with Cleaner

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Pampered Chef OXO and others. A garlic press is a simple kitchen tool found in most homes. They are small two handled. hand held utensils for mincing garlic in a crusher. After a clove of garlic is peeled, a cook will place the cloves on a small hopper and swing a flat handle around to press the garlic pulp through small holes in the press. While it is a simple toll it’s function make it a valuable one while cooking. Many recipes call for minced and finely chopped garlic and a press saves us work on the task. Holding on to a small slippery garlic clove in order to chop it into tiny pieces can be an awkward task and the knives we use must get close to our fingers due to the food size. Also your hands end up smelling like garlic or whatever herbs or spices you are chopping. With a garlic press it is a quick task. Most are made out of stainless steel to be sturdy and long lasting. Stainless steel is rust proof and easy to clean, plus strong and not flimsy. Many models have self cleaners to push any food which gets stuck in the tiny holes back out of the other side – these are frequently constructed from a plastic, silicone and rubber. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.Some come with built in rubber or silicone handles for a gripping. It makes gripping the press easier when your hands are wet or damp which frequently is the case when cooking a meal. A garlic press is a cooking took which may also be used for other herbs and spices so long as they are pulpy and meaty such as ginger. Buy garlic presses – Kitchen accessories, home cooking utensils.