Garlic Mincer Chopper Crusher Twist

Garlic Mincers Cooking Utensil

Garlic is a common ingredient in an herb and spice collection. It is something most cooks use often when cooking. We keep cloves nearby and while most meals only call for a clove or two since garlic is a potent spice in any dish, chopping up the small cloves can be challenging. They are slippery and require skill not to cut fingers with the small knife which needs to be used for the task. You also have to hold the actual clove quite close to the knife due to it’s size. A garlic mincer will make this chore a breeze. Most have little containers you put however many cloves of garlic you need in them and are operated by either twisting the unit or rolling it along a counter top. They feature spinning cutting blades enclosed by the hopper container to keep fingers out of the way and safe from being nicked. These blades are made out of durable stainless steel and will stay sharp for a long time of regular kitchen use. A garlic chopper can also be handy to mince other small food such as onion, ginger, shallots, hot peppers and more. Using a garlic chopper also keeps your hands from smelling like peppers, onions or garlic. Most are easy to clean and dishwasher safe or wash in a sink by hand. If you have a chef or cook on your holiday gift giving list, or need a birthday present idea for a cook, a garlic mincer would be perfect. It is also a nice add on kitchen gadget gift for a new bride as a bridal shower gift or wedding present. Buy Garlic Mincers kitchen accessories.