Garlic Keeper Pottery Ceramic or Terracotta

Garlic Keepers in Pottery, Ceramic, Terracotta

Anyone who does a lot of cooking usually keeps a bulb of garlic or two with their herbs and spices. Since garlic is a bulb and not a dried leaf as with other herbs, it need a different type of storage container. The best conditions to store garlic is a cool, dry place which is out of direct sunlight. Once garlic has been picked it is frequently stored as well as dried by hanging it along string from the ceiling. However most kitchen temperatures are warm, often humid and frequently sunny as well. These conditions reduce the period which garlic can last prior to sprouting or otherwise going bad. Storing garlic in the electric refrigerator can be worse than on a countertop since it might cause the bulb to go soft and moldy rapidly. Because of this, many cooks prefer to buy a special small kitchen canister known as a garlic keeper. With these you may to store the entire bulb and fresh cloves. A garlic keeper storage container is a small garlic pot that has been made to stay cool along with which features small air holes to permit air to circulate through the jar. Garlic keepers can be made of different materials. A few you may buy such are ceramic or pottery. Additional materials often used are attractive clay terracotta or terra cotta pots. Design can vary from strictly practical to extremely decorative depending upon your personal taste and kitchen decorating ideas. These small jars make wonderful kitchen gadget gifts for a cook or chef. Buy garlic keepers and large onion pots made out of ceramic, potter and terracotta.