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Flour Container Large Kitchen Canisters Storage

Flour usually comes from the grocery store packed in thick paper bags. While this is a handy way to buy a sack of flour, for use in a kitchen it is impractical. Bags are awkward and bulky and don’t make good dispensers when you need to scoop out a cup. In summertime they won’t keep your flower supply fresh if you use it as an infrequent ingredient, plus the tops are messy! A large glass or plastic container is perfect for storing bags of flour. Usually they are made of glass or ceramic and attractive, designed to sit on top of a counter as decorative kitchen accessories. Some cooks who bake often prefer thick acrylic or plastic container storage simply because these are lightweight and easier to lift if you should need to pour flour for a recipe. These can be stored in a pantry or refrigerator depending upon your preferences. Some containers are designed to fit an entire bag into and may also be used for 5 lb bags of sugar. Simply cut the end of the paper bag and fit into the lid spout and you can pour ingredients into measuring cups or bowls. Most flour canisters are deigned with a wide mouth top and fully removable lids. This allows a baker to scoop flour out of a container bu spooning it through the top with a measuring cup and measuring right over the container without spilling on the counter top and making a mess that needs to be cleaned up. A quality seal is a feature to look for so moisture does not get in the storage bin and to keep out tiny bugs or insects that may find their way into a home. A canister set for baking goods is a kitchen organization tool we all need.