Electric Pancake Griddle Counter Top Skillet

Best Electric Pancake Maker – Large or Small Size Griddle

A part of any busy family kitchen cookware tools should be an electric counter top griddle. Also called grills, they are great for pulling out of a cabinet and cooking hot sandwiches for lunch such as cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, or breakfast food like pancakes and french toast. You don’t have to cook up a batch of pancakes or sandwiches in a stove top skillet and keep them warm while you make another batch to serve more at once during a meal. You can make french toast and fry an egg in a counter top electric griddle at the same time. They are raised on legs or stands to keep heat off the counter, save electricity and energy over a stove burner and are easy to store in a kitchen cabinet with other accessories, pots and pas due to their flat shape. Pancake griddles come in large family sizes for cooking large meals all on a single hot plate. With a big surface you can cook different dishes all on the same plate instead of using several pots and pans, making clean up easier. May have nonstick surfaces for easy flipping and turning of eggs, pancakes or hamburgers. They frequently feature temperature control and various settings depending upon how fast or slow you wish food to cook. An electric grill is also great for keeping food warm during a dinner party or when entertaining guests. Consider giving an electric pancake griddle as a wedding present or to a new bride as a bridal shower gift. They are also great gifts for students, people who live in apartments with minimal cooking space or a busy family. A plug electric griddle is also a fantastic house warming gift! Buy Best Electric Pancake Griddle – Large and Small Size Griddles and Counter Top Grills