Electric Meat Slicer Machine Home Deli or Commercial Use

Meat Slicer Machines – Home or Commercial Food Slicers

A meat slicer or food slicing machine is also known as a deli slicer or just a slicer. These are motorized, electric cutlery tools seen in butcher shops and delicatessens which are used to slice meats, assorted types of food and hard cheese. Earlier meat slicing units of were run by a manual crank, although newer models typically include an electric motor. A food slicer is an important kitchen tool for any food preparation. It can be used to slice meats or cheese to different widths, they may likewise be used for quickly slicing vegetables such as cucumbers, onions, potatoes or additional items. Having a cooking too to rapidly and evenly cut food may save you time when preparing a meal or entertaining. However handy, food slicers can be dangerous pieces of equipment at home or for commercial business use, so need to be handled with care. Correct handling and upkeep must as well be practiced to ensure the life of a machine. Acquaint yourself with a meat slicer and make certain that it is in good working order. A blade cover needs to be firmly fastened as well as a hand guard ought to be securely attached. The slicer should never be run without a hand guard in place. Fasten a slicer by fixing it upon a level, steady countertop or other surface and make sure the rubber feet are securely in place so that the machine can no slip. Before turning a machine on, slide the moving part back and forth in front of the blade. Check to make sure the part slides well. If not, it will need to be oiled. Do oil the slider rods with cooking oil since that will sooner or later clog the gear. Lay the food you wish to cut on the cutting tray. The food need to be small enough that a hand guard might be situated on the back end of the food. Turn the knife on. As the blade is rotating, never place your hands by the turning blade or allow a sleeve to drop by where a blade might catch. Hold the handle on the hand guard while pushing lightly upon the food. Keeping a steady hand, slide the sliding mechanism across the blade, cutting the food. Buy home or commercial meat slicer machines, countertop electric food slicers for sale.