Electric Hot Plates Single or Double Burner

Hot Plates Burner for Cooking or Table

Many homes have an extra electric hot plate burner as part of their small kitchen appliance collection. Hot plates are small table top burners that are self contained heating units, much like having a single stove top burner without the entire stove and oven attached. Frequently a hot plate features one single or two burners. A hot plate may be used in labs as heating elements. in small apartments for cooking, in college dorms as a cooking tool or as an extra burner in a standard kitchen. They are also used on side boards or buffet tables when entertaining guests at a party or for dinner to keep food or meals warm. Hot plates are portable gas heated or electric plug in units which can be moved from one location to another unlike a large standard stove or range top. In a laboratory they may be used to heat glassware and some even feature magnetic stirrer to keep liquid moving while cooking. In situations with limited space or resources, a hot plate burner is an acceptable, handy cooking surface alternative. They are very easy to use and often have a gradual power setting from one to ten.