Electric Gravy Warmer Boats Cordless Sauce Bowls

Cordless Electric Sauce Gravy Boat Warmers Server Bowl

A serving dish used often for entertaining or even casual family dinners is a gravy boat. It is a food best served warm so a useful kitchen tool is a gravy warmer. These handy kitchen accessories are sauce bowls featuring a warming plate of some sort underneath them to keep gravy or other sauces heated and from getting hard or too thick to pour. As a cooking tool, when preparing food in a kitchen, a gravy warmer can be used to prepare a sauce ahead of time and set aside to serve later. Some warmers come with lovely tealight candles to heat the bottom of the boat with. A gravy warmer with candle is best for outdoor use when having parties on a deck or patio where electric outlets to plug in units may not be available. They use small tea lights which are inexpensive to replace but burn long enough for a party or meal while serving guests. Another option is electric gravy boats or electric bowls. These come with ac adapters to plug the units into a wall electric outlet and are perfect for side buffet tables for buffet style lunch or dinner get together. The bowl sits directly on top of the warming plate and the warming plate is usually enclosed in ceramic or porcelain.