Egg Slicer Chopper, Mushroom Blades, Wire Garnish Slicing

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Egg or Mushroom with Blades or Wire

An egg slicer is a cooking tool that can be a very handy kitchen tool for any cook who keeps one in their kitchen accessories drawer. It is one of this utensils we don’t think about much but once we have one, they can be used for cooking many dishes and recipes. While they are designed o slice primarily hard boiled eggs into even slices to use as a garnish for a dish such as a salad, they may also be used as a mushroom slicer or for strawberries or another soft fruit or food. With mushrooms they are great to quickly and evenly slice several mudrooms for salads, a mudroom sauce or to top a pizza. An egg slicer can have wire for cutting blades or be made with stainless steel blade. Some chefs prefer the wire design as it does not press as hard on an egg while slicing so does not squash or mas food but others prefer the heavy duty stainless steel blades for cutting up thicker food. Both are usually dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The handles may be either stainless steel, another metal or heavy duty, durable plastic. If an egg slicer is not in your kitchen utensils set, there are several designs for sale and you will be glad you bought one.