Egg Rings Silicone, Non Stick Metal or Shapes

Egg Rings in Silicone or Non Stick Metal Shapes – Eggs or Pancakes

For cooking perfect fried eggs or pancakes.Cooking a fed egg is a simple enough task but it is a lot easier when part of your cookware tools is an egg ring. This makes an ordinary egg turn out in a perfect circle with no crispy or overcooked brown edges. It also makes them a lot easier to flip. Cooking the perfect fried egg in a straight skillet or frying pan just became a lot easier! Make perfect breakfast sandwiches on English muffins or toast. much like an mcmuffin. An egg ring is a simple idea, it is just that – a circle shaped insert to set in a skillet to cook with. You drop the raw egg in the shape and it holds the sides together without running or creating a flat egg. They usually come in sets of two and a circle is not the only shape available. There are cute heart shaped rings, adorable kids cartoon models and squares which are best for sandwich loaf bread. Some feature a non stick coating to be able to remove the egg form the mold easier once it has cooked. You can also use them for the best pancakes for fun breakfast food. Egg rings are a best gift idea for bridal showers, housewarming presents or as a gift for someone who enjoys cooking. buy