Egg Basket Wire Vintage, Wicker Gathering Collection Basket

Vintage Style Egg Baskets

Egg Basket Wire Vintage Wicker Gathering Collection Basket for sale. An egg basket is a lovely home decorating accent and brings a touch of country charm or shabby chic to any home decorating scheme. Often made of vintage look wire, they are baskets featuring tall handles for putting over your arm while gathering eggs for breakfast in a chicken coop. For people who home raise chickens, they are a useful tool but in modern homes they can also be used for decor. A wicker egg basket often comes with a cloth lining that was originally served to keep the eggs from getting cracked and providing a soft surface for fragile eggs to set on will collecting. Most have a wide mouth to easily reach in and out if and all are designed to allow for air flow and breath well.For a decorative home accent they are beautiful for holding dried flower arrangements or decorative balls and orbs. Scented potpourri pine cones look beautiful in them as well and may serve to add a lovely fragrance to a home. They may be placed on a floor next to a piece of furniture or used as an ornament on a table top. Some people like to set them on a fireplace hearth to hold fire starters.