Dough Scrapers Bench Knife in Plastic, Stainless Steel, Flexible

Dough Scrapers in Flexible Plastic or Stainless Steel, Kitchen Bench Knife

A dough scraper or bench knives are they are sometimes called is a cooking utensil used by professional bakers to work with dough as well as to scrape clean counters that dough has been kneaded or worked. They is typically a small sheet of hard plastic, aluminum or stainless steel with a handle which is made from plastic or wood, plastic, or the end of a metal sheet merely a rolled in the steel blade by one of the long sides. Pastry chefs and bakers use this type of cooking too to manipulate dough, to turn and cut it as well as to scrape up any bits that stick to the counter. It is frequently used for making pizza crust, pie crusts as well ad when baking bread. Some cooks use it to pick up food and put it in pans while cooking such as scraping minced or diced vegetables and meats to a skillet for sauteed or add chopped herbs to a recipe. A dough scraper is called several different names including pastry cutter, dough cutter, bench scraper, dough knife, board scraper or bench knife. While traditional bench knives are made out of stainless steel with wooden handles or grips, these days you can buy them in silicone. Some are slightly flexible for scraping batter off the sides of large bowls while others have a curve to the blade for bowl scraping. These are not classic bench cutters but are more for mixing batter and called bowl chopper, scraper or scooper. Buy Dough Scrapers made out of Flexible Plastic Stainless Steel, Bench Knife.