Danish Ebleskiver Pans Cast Iron, Nonstick or Electric

Pancakes Danish Aebleskiver Ebleskiver Pans in Cast Iron, Electric or Nonstick Coating

A traditional holiday breakfast food in Denmark is delicious little puffy pastries called aebleskiver or sometimes ebleskiver. The traditional way of serving these is an apple filling or with applesauce, hence the name which means apple slices. Many cooks use different types of fillings to create their own wonderful recipes, variations can include fruit, jam and cream cheese fillings. In the United States this dish is sometimes known as pancake puffs. These Danish pancakes are cooked in the distinctive shape of a sphere and fluffy, unlike classic flatcakes. The texture can be similar texture to American pancakes combined with a popover, aebleskiver has the solid consistency of a solid like a pancake while at the same time is light and fluffy as a popover is. To make this breakfast pastry at home for family or friends, you will need a special stove top pan for the task. It;’s a piece of cookware similar to a skillet or pancake pan but features half sphere indentations or cups in the bottom. They are available in cast iron and nonstick models. Aebleskiver can be cooked in these special aebleskiver pan, which is most often a cast-iron pan that has several of the semi spherical indentations in the bottom. Pour your pancake batter into the half cup indentations. Once the batter starts to cook it will need to be flipped over with a skewer so that the the cakes cook their characteristic round shape. Some people simply make fin pancake balls with this type of cooking tool, which can be a fun treat for kids or great to serve guests when entertaining. Aebleskiver can be served with dinner as a dessert dish as well. Buy Aebleskiver Pan Danish Ebleskiver Cast Iron Nonstick.