Danish Dough Whisk Large, Small for Baking Bread

Bakers Danish Dough Whisks – Large or Small Sizes

A Danish dough whisk is a cooking utensil not seen in most home kitchen tool sets however is an extremely handy item for a cook or chef to have. You will be surprised how much use you get out of them while baking or every day cooking. They are an alternative to mixing food with a spoon and do a better job of stirring batter and dough mixtures. Use them to blend ingredients for Biga, starters, cookies, sponges, waffles, or pancake batter. They come in large, medium and small sizes which refers not to the length of the handle but to the size of the wire head. A large danish dough wish is the best for reaching into bowls and scraping the sides. For a single all purpose Danish dough whisk, if you were to buy only one, a large is recommended. The handle length of all sizes are approximately the same. All are made with long handles which you can grip high or low depending upon what is most comfortable for your personal style. They are mainly made of wood and are designed to be held firmly in a tight grip. A mistake many cooks and bakers make if they are new to this style of cooking utensil is wanting to hold a Danish down whisk as you would a spoon and making circular stirring motions. This is an incorrect method. The correct technique is to hold the wooden handle in a fist, usually about half way down the handle, and use a back and forth motion to blend ingredients. The curved wire ends are perfect for scraping soft and gooey batters off the sides of mixing bowls so you will not likely need any other cooking utensils to mix batter. Hand washing is recommended as they do feature wooden handles. This will help prolong the life of the whisk. but most are considered dishwasher safe. Buy pizza pr bread dough whisks for batter mixing and blending.