Cupcake Carrier Courier Caddy Totes with Handles

Cupcake Carrier Caddy 36, 24 Mini Single Individual Case Totes

Cupcake Carriers and Caddies ranging from 36, 12 to 24 count sizes plus small Mini Single or Individual Case dessert totes for parties, entertaining or packing a kids lunch box. Some open to be handy tower stands, making it a simple process to bake a batch of cupcakes, carry to a party event or occasion and use the carrier as a table top or counter display stand for serving desert to guests. Bakery goods, especially frosted items can be difficult to transport when you have to travel to a party. You don’t want them to get knocked around or slide in the back of a car, thus ruin the frosting or decoration. Cupcake caddies make the job simple by placing each liner in a single individual slot, ensuring the baked goods do not run into each other. They are a convenient kitchen accessory to have in a home kitchen dishes collection! These toes also make great bridal shower gifts, perfect wedding presents or a birthday or holiday gift for a busy family or cook who loves baking on your gift giving list.