Cheese Slicer in Wire, Plane or Board Cutter Styles

Cheese Wire Slicer, Plane or Wood Marble Board Cheese Cutter

A kitchen utensil we reach for often in any home is a cheese slicer. It is a cooking utensil that us a specialty tool made only for the task of slicing blocks of cheese. They are deigned to slice blocks into even perfect proportions every time and are much more effective at this task than a standard kitchen knife or other cutlery. Hand held wire cheese slicers are best for sandwich or lunch bread cheeses such as cheddar. The wires can be replaced should they wear out and many feature a tension screw to adjust the firmness of the wire as it attaches to the handle. Most are made of durable stainless steel and other rust proof metal. They are easy to wash by hand or in a dishwasher. Another style is a cheese board with wire slicer built in. This is great for entertaining or at parties where guests can slice their own pieces for appetizers. They are good for hard or soft cheeses. This style doubles as a serving platter or may be left on a counter with a lid for family and friends to snack on. Most have space for crackers or fruit to be served alongside it or a bowl of dip. The last style is a cheese plane slicer, which is a triangle shape kitchen utensil that is dragged across the top of a block of cheese and slices come out the top of the plane. This design is primarily used for cheese and cracker type of food or dishes as it can cut slices thinly and in small portions. A cheese plane is often stainless steel and dishwasher safe. Buy Cheese cutting tools.