Cheese Board with Dome Glass Lid Marble or Wood

Cheese Boards with Glass Dome Lid Covers with Marble or Wooden Base

A cheese board is a necessary serving platter for any host or hostess who loves entertaining or throwing home parties. Cheese platters are a standard appetizer plate on any buffet table and great snacks for guests. They can be sophisticated marble base boards or for casual entertaining and dining a natural wood platter is a lovely touch to any table setting. For a touch of class use a cheese dome make of glass over the board, no matter what the material it is made from. A glass cheese dome is classy to look at but also practical as soft or hard cheeses can quickly become hard and discolored of not protected, even over the course of a meal. If the food is prepared in a kitchen ahead of time, your cheese presentation will not look awful by the time dessert is served. Many of these are perfect for cheese and fruit dessert presentations or pre meal snacks. Cheese boards with glass domes are available with beautiful marble base or wooden models. Some are also for sale with slate bottoms and chalk for writing the type of cheese on the board itself if you are having a wine and cheese serving or tasting party. They are for sale in gifts sets for the perfect housewarming present or for a newlywed couple to begin their own serving platters collection. A cheese dome is also a great brides gift at a bridal shower for the best kitchen accessories ideas.