Candy Mold Trays Chocolate or Hard Baking Molds

Chocolate and hard Candy Mold Trays

Making homemade chocolate candies for the holidays, entertaining company or simply for the family is a fun cooking project. When making candy you will need a mold to pour in melted chocolate and sometimes oven bake the trays. These candy molds can be tricky and one of the best ideas is to use silicone or flexible materials so when the chocolate cools down they are easier to remove from the mold without breaking and keeping their shape. Many cooks prefer silicone materials for them to be made out of because while silicone is stiff enough to lift and move without spilling chocolate or other liquids while it is melted, they have a slight flex to them which allows you to gently twist the tray to remove food. They may go in an oven and be baked which is great for stuffed candies such as truffles. Make sure that the liquid is completely cooled down to room temperature and allowed to fully harden before attempting to remove from any mold! That way you will not break or chip details off the shape and the food should separate a little bit, making the task easier. A set of chocolate candy molds are one of those cooking tools you may be surprised at how often you use. Some may be used for crafts such as soaps and candle wax, or in the kitchen for making fun shaped ice cubes if they are freezer safe. Most are dishwasher safe and easy to clean although read any instructions carefully as some are not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand with warm soapy water in a sink. They can also be used for crafts as craft molds.