Cake Stand with Dome Lid Cover White, Glass or Colors

Cake Stands with Dome Lid Cover – Dessert Plate Server

A stunning way to display a dessert on a dining table or side dessert buffet table is in a beautiful cake stand with dome cover. Often these serving platters are elevated on a short pedestal which allows a hostess to feature smaller cut or finger pastry plates arranged around the taller cake platter, creating an elegant center piece. A dome lid over the cake helps to keep frosting from getting hard in the air and protects and frosting decorations. It also helps to keep the cake itself fresh and moist. When you bake a cake, having a cake stand with dome lid is a valuable kitchen tool as a baker can remove the cooled cakes from the baking pans and frost and decorate right on the stand. These serving platters are useful for other pastry dishes as well, including fruit bars, donuts, brownies or cupcakes. You can leave it on the kitchen counter with treats for the family or use it as a sophisticated look at a dinner party for family and friends. Food storage also becomes a simple task as you can store leftover food in them bu just keeping it under the cover. A cake stand with dome top is a great gift giving idea for a chef or baker on your holiday gift giving list, as a birthday present for a cook or bridal shower gift. They are also a great gift idea for wedding presents or housewarming gifts.