Cake Carrier Caddy with Handles Round or Rectangle

Cake Carriers, Caddies in Plastic Tupperware, Collapsible Designs and Metal

A cake caddy is one of those handy kitchen accessories anyone who enjoys baking will use often. While mostly for carrying baked goods to parties or family gatherings, a cake carrier is also the best every day storage for desserts and pastry food. Anytime you cook or bake pastry or cakes, perhaps bread, you can store leftovers right in the caddy with a snap on lid to keep food moist and fresh. The dome cover also keeps frosting and top decorations from getting messed up in transport if you are carrying it to a party. Using aluminum foil to wrap the top of a cake runs the risk of getting crushed and sticking to the frosting. A cover allows enough space for cake decorations to stay safe. This keeps baked goods from drying out. Most feature dome style clear see through covers ant attach to the bottom base or plate and come with a handy carry handle. When you bake a cake, after it has cooled down to room temperature and it is time to frost it, the bottom of the carrier can be used as a serving plat and the cake frosted right on it. After serving a dessert, the lid can be placed over the entire plate and desserts easily stored. Cake caddies with handles are convenient for birthday parties or a family party where you have cooked a dessert or other food you wish to take along with you. They can be set securely on a car floor for transporting, taking care that they do not slide around and your dessert will arrive in the best condition.