Cake Batter Mixing Bowls with Spout, Lid Cover

Cake Batter Mixing Bowls in Glass or Ceramic Stoneware with Storage Lids and Pouring Spouts

Some are fitted with handy lids, making storage easy. Every kitchen needs a batter mixing bowl, if you are a cook or not. Since they come with handy pouring spouts there is less mess when baking or cooking. Some batter mixing bowls even come with storage lids so any cook can cover the top and store extra batter in a fridge, or let bread rise overnight right in the container. They are made out of glass, ceramic, stoneware and other attractive decorative materials so there is one to blend with any kitchen decor. Use them to make breakfast pancakes and be able to pour batter right into a skillet or on a griddle or for making muffins to pour the right amount of batter into each individual muffin cup. They are also great for baking cakes and easily dividing a recipe into two or more pans. This can be particularly handy when baking layer cakes to divide evenly. Use for any type of food that needs to be poured out into another kitchen container. Most are dishwasher safe and cleanup is simple. Set in a dishwasher or wash by hand in a sink. Rounded sides make it easy to scrape bowl sides and mix ingredients just like any other bowl but a convenient pouring spout means no spilling and mess to clean up on counter tops. A batter mixing bowl is a best gift idea, perfect for housewarming, bridal showers, brides wedding give, a birthday or holiday present for the cook on your gift giving list, or shop for one online for your own kitchen! Buy Kitchen Batter Mixing Bowls made out of clear glass, attractive ceramic designs or decorative stoneware material.