Butter Warmer Set Seafood Tabletop or Sauce Pan Pot

Butter Warmer Sets – Small Pots for Seafood, Dip or Stainless Steel Stove Top Sauce Pan

A set of butter warming pots can be a simple kitchen took for providing individual pans of melted butter when serving seafood. Most feature a small tealight candle under a pot that is set on a raised stand, and butter placed in the small pot over the burning candle to keep it from hardening. A candle provides enough heat to warm the butter and keep it melted during a dinner party while entertaining or simply serving seafood at home for the family. Often they are ceramic, stoneware, porcelain or stainless steel. A candle style butter warmer makes them portable and easier to use as they require no electric outlet to plug into and there are no power cords running across a table while dining. Cords can get in the way and make a butter warmer easy to knock over while eating. Also butter warmers with candles can be moved outdoors easily and be used for dining on a deck or patio, or even a pool side or garden barbeque. They are handy kitchen tools and make great gifts for bridal showers or as wedding presents. You can even give a set of butter warmers as housewarming gifts. Another style butter warmer is a small sauce pan meant to be used on a stove. These stove top sauce pans are just the right size to melt a stick of butter and perfect for making popcorn or when you need melted butter for a desert recipe. Usually they are stainless steel and dishwasher safe. Buy butter warmer pot sets – Small Pots for serving seafood, dip or melted sauce pan.