Butter Boat Keeper Dish White Porcelain, Stainless Steel

Butter Boat Spread Keeper Dishes – Stainless Steel, Porcelain or Ceramic

Storing butter inside a refrigerator causes it to become hard. The hardened texture can make it difficult to spread butter on a piece of bread, or blend in a recipe while when cooking or use at dinner time. All the same, butter need to be kept in cool temperatures to avoid it from turning rancid or grow an oily consistency. This is particularly true with any form of real butter, which spoils quicker than artificially manufactured butter or spread products or margarine. An answer to this issue can be a serving dish or storage container called a butter boat. A butter boat is a food storage container often made out of ceramic or porcelain which is the about the size as well as shape of a block of butter. A butter boat is made up of three pieces. The bottom, or base of a butter boat is a crock or bowl should be filled with around one-half a cup of cold water. The second container which should be made the same material as the first bowl is then set inside the crock of water. This is where the butter is stored. The final piece is a fitted cover or lid which is then placed on top to keep the butter fresh. The porcelain or ceramic keeps the cooler, while the water then helps to in turn keep the butter inside the container cool. In this manner butter will stay in soft and spreadable without permitting it to spoil. A butter boat may be set on a kitchen counter or table.