Butter Bell Crock Keeper Ceramic Stoneware

Butter Bell Crock – Pottery, Stoneware or Porcelain Butter Keeper Dish

Kitchen food containers and butter keepers. An old fashioned kitchen tool for every home is a French butter bell. What is a French butter bell? A handy part of any kitchen accessories, you might consider them a technique for reaching that happy medium between difficult to spread hard butter which has been stored in a refrigerator and spoiled butter which has sat out and been too long on a kitchen countertop. A butter bell is a small crock, usually made out of ceramic or porcelain, featuring a bell shape lid. First you have a crock shaped container that you pour cool water in the bottom of. The second piece is a lid with a bell shaped container attached. Butter is put inside the bell, the entire lid piece is turned upside down and place it inside the crock with the water. The water creates a seal around the bell of butter to prevent bacteria, dust, bugs, as well as odors out. They are handy kitchen utensils for a busy family since whenever you reach for butter, you no longer have to soften cold butter in a microwave oven. A microwave turns butter to liquid more than it helps it to be spreadable. Using a butter bell as a kitchen food storage container a family may store butter out of the refrigerator and on a countertop or table for up to a month prior to it beginning to go rancid or turn bad. It stays soft enough to spread on toast, muffins or bread and is available to serve at a dinner table any time. As a cooking tool a butter bell makes sure you always have easy to melt, soften butter within reach to use over vegetables or to put in a skillet or grease pans with before baking. They are convenient, simple and attractive. A butter bell keeper makes a terrific holiday or special occasion gift for a chef or baker you know, or as a housewarming present. Buy Butter Bell Crock made of traditional stoneware pottery or white porcelain.