Brownie Pan with Divider Rack, Cutter Insert for Perfect Squares

Perfect Brownie Baking Pan with Divider Rack

Brownies are everybody favorite treats. They a dessert that is simple to bake and a big hit with family and friends. A specialty piece of bakeware for any cook who bakes these often is a brownie pan with a divider rack built in. The divider allows you to slice the brownies into perfect serving squares every time instead of getting sticky cake on a knife and squashing the food as you slice it. The food is cooked inside the pan and a special rack allows you to remove the entire batch and have it pre baked into pre cut slices, perfect for serving. These bite sized dessert squares are best for birthday parties, family treats, dessert buffets, special occasions, holiday gatherings, or everyday use. This cookware is a mold you can use as a versatile pan to shape hand crafted chocolate squares, great for making cornbread, breakfast casseroles, other bar desserts, favorite crispy cereal treats and more. Most are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You can hand wash them in a sink or put it in a dishwasher. feature a non stick or no stick coating so food is simple to remove once it has cooled down. Some come with handy lids to carry to a party or gathering. The snap on lids are also great for storing leftovers so food stays fresh and moist and does not dry out.