Bread Slicer Guide Adjustable Slicing Loaf Cutter

Bread Slicer Guide – Adjustable Loaf Slice Cutting Tool with Crumb Catcher

For anyone who likes to buy fresh bread in whole loaves at the local bakery or the home baker who prefers to cook healthy bread for every day family use, a bread slicer is a necessary kitchen tool. The concept behind them is very simple – a loaf sits upon a wooden platter style cutting board. The sides of the board have evenly spaces slots to run a bread knife through to cut perfectly even, equal portion slices of bread every time. The end of the loaf is held in place by an acrylic or wood piece of board so it can not slide forward.most are made out of wood while a few are built from clear acrylic. Many have built in crumb catchers so the mess falls in it and you don’t have to be wiping down countertops to clean up crumbs each time you want to cut slices of bread to make sandwiches for lunch. A bread slicer is a handy kitchen accessory. They are fantastic holiday gifts for the baker on your gift giving list, or as a housewarming gift for the cook in your life. It’s a kitchen tool everyone who bakes will find use for. Fresh loaves of bread are great for entertaining guests and a sophisticated touch at a lunch or dinner party. Many bread slicers are attractive enough that they can be placed on a side buffet table or dining table for serving and still look great. If you bake fresh bread for your family or visit the local bakery regularly, a bread slicer is a great cooking tool. Buy bread slicer guides and adjustable whole, fresh loaf cutting tools with crumb catcher.