Bread Proofing Rising Baskets Brotforms Banneton

Bread Proofing Baskets and Artisan Dough Rising Banneton Brotforms

Sometimes called as a banneton and they are a favorite among artisan bakers for using to hold bread dough as it rises before cooking. These basket have coils which provide a aesthetic shape and decoration for a classic hearth loaf appeal. Bread Proofing Rising Baskets or Banneton Brotforms basket can be very well made in Europe as well as designed from top quality natural materials.

Sometimes it may be easier to lightly flour the interior of the proofing basket with a dusting of flour to keep it from sticking to the sides of the bowl. To use a Bread Proofing Rising Baskets or Banneton Brotforms, first dust the basket interior using flour so the risen dough sits readily up on the baking surface. If you are proofing very damp or sticky bread doughs, such as a favorite no-knead bread recipe for instance, an optional cloth basket liner may be the easiest answer to prevent doughs from adhering to the Brotform surface. Using flour in a fabric liner should free wet doughs. Most are made from natural cane materials such as rattan but a few are made of heavy duty plastic. Rattan is not dishwasher safe and must be hand washed in warm water with a light soap. Be sue they are completely dry before storing in a pantry or kitchen cabinet.