Bread Box Keepers in Stainless Steel, Vintage Retro, Modern Wood

Bread Keeper Box Kitchen Food Storage Boxes

Bread is one of the most common foods found in the average American kitchen. We use it to make breakfast, for eggs and toast or perhaps we have french toast with the family in the morning. At lunch we make sandwiches and again reach for a loaf of bread, and it is commonly served with the dinner meal, either slices or rolls. A convenient kitchen accessory is a bread box, or roll keeper, to store loaves and rolls and keep it fresh. A bread box is a simple concept – it is a kitchen canister or container designed specifically to be large enough to hold loaves of bread and also seal so that bread and bakery products stay fresh and moist. You can store any type of baked goods in them from pastries to breakfast muffins to dinner rolls. It saves space in a refrigerator and keeps baked food from getting hard in the cool temperature of the fridge. Since a bread box is made to sit on a kitchen counter it is always kept handy and within easy reach when we want a slice. Most busy family have one. They may be made out of traditional wood, some with a retro vintage style to them with classic slatted roll top lids. Others are made from contemporary metal such as stainless steel and polished steel. A few are clear acrylic for easily viewing when the bread supply may be running low. Bread boxes are designed to hold one, two or more loaves at a single time. Smaller models are great for single people and couples while larger units are perfect for any family with a busy lifestyle. Buy bread box keepers – countertop kitchen food storage containers.