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A quality set of beer glasses is a great addition to a home servingware collection. You do not need to have a home bar for a specialty set of glassware designed specifically for serving beer when entertaining or hosting parties. They can be used to serve beverages and drinks when having a few friends over to watch a game on tv or for your own personal use. Beer glass can be in different shapes and designs. Classic bar or pub mugs are thick and solid with a handle attached to the side of the mug. These are traditional beer servingware and are the best all purpose serving glasses. They are also known as steins. A Pilsner Glass is long and tall, with a slender, tapered style and made to display the color and sparkle of a Pils. The narrow opening helps maintain the beer head. Stout beers and ales can be served in stem tumblers and glasses, designed to hold into the carbonation as well as to have a wide surface for the ales head. A beer glass can come in 4 or 6 piece sets, occasionally they are for sale in sets of up to twelve. Most are sturdy and durable and easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe. Add them to your own bar tools or a set of beer glasses is a great housewarming gift idea or give a set as a wedding present for a new couple for their own home bar glassware collection. Buy Beer Glass Sets by Libby, Anchor Hocking Glassware. Mugs with handles, stout ale or light pilsner glasses.

A pilsner glass is used to serve several kinds of light beer which can include pale lager or pilsner. Pilsner glassware is typically a smaller than size than a classic pint glass or mug. This type of barware is slender tall and has a tapered shape although stemmed versions are for sale as well as footed designs. The slender glass is intended to display the color and carbonation in a beer and a broad mouth can help hold the beers head. Usually they are a 12 ounce size but can come in mini or large styles. The traditional design is shaped like a trumpet which captures the bubbling effervesces of a Pils. A Pokal is a European type of Pilsner glass featuring a stem base. Pilsner is also called pilsener or just pils is a form of pale lager. It was originally named after the city of Pilsen Bohemia, Czech Republic, where it had been ordinarily created in 1842. The first Pilsner Urquell beer is still made in Pilsen now. A contemporary pilsner beer features a extremely light, clear color ranging from a pale to a gold yellow with a distinct hop fragrance and taste. Pilsner glassware can be made out of glass, acrylic or plastic and is always clear. Acrylic or plastic glasses are best for outdoor use when hosting parties or entertaining on a deck, patio or having a pool side party. They are great servingware for any home bar or kitchen. Buy Pilsner Beer Glass Sets in Footed, Mini, Tall or Stemmed Classic Glassware.