Batter Dispenser Cupcake, Pancake, Waffle Dropper

Pancake Batter Dispenser Commercial Dropper Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic

Many people serve hot off the griddle pancakes at family breakfast or when company is over to eat a meal. A handy kitchen accessory is a cookware too called a batter dispenser, or pancake dropper. These utensils allow you to both mix then dispense batter in a hot pan or skillet with one container. Simply mix batter in the container, then hold over a hot skillet and drop in as much batter as you need for each single pancake. With these you do not waste batter and there is no mess on a counter to clean up. Each pancake is the same size. You can also use a pancake batter dispenser to accurately dispense cupcake, waffle, crepe, muffins or many other batters, or even sauces, frosting, even pizza sauce. You can buy them for your own home kitchen in professional commercial quality stainless steel and aluminum or easy clean clear acrylic which is simple to see through. Many have measurement markings on the side to make measuring ingredients less of a chore and create less dishes to clean up later. Many are long lasting and durable and can be dishwasher safe. A pancake batter dispenser is a best gift idea for the person you know who enjoys cooking or loves to bake, for a bridal shower gift or as a wedding present. Or buy one for your own kitchen for an special cookware tool treat you will use for years.