Bamboo Cutting Board – Sets and Butcher Block Designs

A common kitchen accessory and cooking too is a cutting board. Many homes have more than one or sets since different cooking prep tasks call for different size boards. When chopping or slicing fruits and vegetables a cook only needs a small size or medium cutting surface. For meat or larger meals, we require a large cutting surface. A new trend in cooking accessories is for bamboo cutting boards. Bamboo can be harder than many other hard woods, long lasting and durable. A quality bamboo cutting board set should last for years with proper care. It is a safe and naturally anti-microbial material, along with being earth friendly and green. Bamboo is an easily grown renewable resource and keeps hardwoods from being harvested from our forests. Care of high quality bamboo cutting boards is simple. They are easy to clean with hot soapy water and an occasional rubbing with the correct oil benefits their ability to last longer. It is not recommended that you wash a bamboo cutting board in a dishwasher, just like any other wooden utensil. Bamboo cutting boards can come in sets or as heavy duty butcher block. They make a great gift idea at a bridal shower or as a wedding present, or as a gift set for the cook or chef on your gift giving list. With the best cutlery set, a cook should have the best cutting board.