Angel Food Cake Pan – Tube Bakeware Aluminum or Non Stick in Round and Square Shapes and Removable Bottom

Angel food cake is one of the best desserts to make for a party or entertaining. It can be served winter or summer, using fresh fruits or pudding fillings and everyone loves the taste. As light as they are they compliment many food types. An angel food tube cake pan is a handy piece of kitchen bakeware for any cook. Angel food cake is most often made in a straight sided tube shape pan. These pans are round and tall and feature a center tube which creates a hole in the middle of the finished cake after baking. The tube in the center tube allows the cake batter to rise higher than it normally would in a flat pan as the batter clings to the pan sides. Because of the need for the batter to rise, a cook should never grease the sides of an angel food cake pan. This allows the clinging action of the batter and the cake can climb up the pan sides as it cooks. When an angel food cake is finished baking it should be left to cool inverted. Inverting the pan keeps the cake from falling in upon itself which is why many pans specially designed for this type of dessert feature built in inversion stands. A bundt pan could be used as well for baking one however the fluted sides of a bunt pan make releasing the cake more difficult than it is using a tube shape. You may buy this type of bakeware in non stick or aluminum materials.